7 Ideas For Making A Small Garden Work For You  

A small garden, even a balcony, can feel like too little a space to invest in. This, however, shouldn’t be the case, and there are a number of modern, typically urban, gardeners who are taking back their outdoor spaces and demonstrating how they can be effectively utilised. TikTok is one such platform, nurturing a thriving community of micro-gardeners, such as the Cloud Gardener, who are each sharing tips and advice to make their tiny spaces wilder and more beautiful.

Drawing from their advice and inspiration, here are seven ideas for making a small garden work for you!

Vertical Growing

Simply because horizontal space is limited, you do not have to forgo the wonderful experience of growing your own plants or ingredients. In fact, vertical gardening has taken off even in large and spacious gardens. Utilise your walls and fences, stacking or hanging baskets and planters, to build a garden that reaches upward more than across.

Make It Green

A small outdoor space is still potentially enough to begin offsetting your home’s carbon footprint. A yard might have room for a water container while a balcony can have its own modest solar panel. These small additions enable a garden to work for the home, even if it is too small to enjoy all year-round.

Build Outside

If your garden is large enough that it has a shed, then it is large enough for the decadence and utility of log cabins and other such outbuildings. It is only a matter of rethinking your outdoor storage. Instead of a place for tools and sports equipment, why not one for a hobby room or home office?

A Space For Nature

Simply because the garden is your own, does not mean that it cannot be designed with others in mind. What is a small garden space to a homeowner might be a huge and ecologically important area for wildlife and pollinators.

Storage Solution

Alongside vertical garden and the rethinking of shed spaces is the view to see a garden as a storage space. With a little cover, gardens can be home to bicycles, fridge-freezers, and even utilities like washing machines. While making use of a small outdoor space, you also free up your home’s interior too.

Guest Space

One of the more interesting garden ideas seen online is the emergence of tiny stays, and quirky urban Airbnbs that allow guests to stay in unusual gardens. With only a yurt or cabin, a small garden can become a fairytale space to welcome others, one that potentially brings in a little income too.

Photo Studio

Whether your online brand is pushing products or celebrating designs, having a private and wild studio space within which to take high-quality photographs is a true luxury. Consider the sunlight your garden receives and design a studio space accordingly. With the addition of a careful aesthetic and a few studio tools, your garden might be able to take your online profile to the next level.