Enhancing Your Pool with Custom Features

When installing a new pool or upgrading an existing one, there are many exciting options to consider. You might want to add a beach entry, in-water seating, or a fountain. Custom Pool Builders can help you with these and more.


Fountains add style and a relaxing atmosphere to your pool. There are many types to choose from, like animal statues, classical urns, and columns. Some fountains are hollow inside, creating a stream of water that can be enhanced with LED lighting for a soothing glow.

Whether your pool area is big or small, fountains can serve as an elegant focal point, offering a gentle sound of flowing water. From simple revolving bowls to large sculptures, there is a wide range of sizes and styles available. Cascade waterfall features, also known as sheer descents or drops, create stunning “walls” of water and are both beautiful and cost-effective.

In-Water Seating

Custom pool builders can add two main types of in-water seating. Traditional bench seating provides solid, tubular seats, while built-in tables can be straight or curvy, with options like horseshoe shapes or large circles.

Adding waterfalls to your pool landscape enhances both beauty and appeal. Waterfalls come in various shapes and sizes, and builders can even create imaginative designs, like underwater rock caves and ledges. This feature, once only for concrete pools, is now an option for vinyl pools too, adding both beauty and a calming sound.

Beach Entrances

Beach entrances, also known as walk-in or zero-entry pools, are becoming increasingly popular. These pools offer an attractive and functional design and can be very cost-effective. Before deciding, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

The design and materials for beach entrances depend on your property’s environment. Typically, a beach entrance has two sections: a wet area within the pool and a transitional dry area outside. This feature is great for families with small children or members with disabilities, making it easy to enter the water without bending or using a handrail. It also allows wheelchair users to enter with ease.

Infinity-Edge Rim Overflows

Infinity-Edge Rim Overflows are stunning additions to custom pools or spas. These installations let water flow over the pool’s edge into a catch basin, creating a beautiful, seamless look. They often include in-water seating, like built-in martini chairs or shelves, and can blend into adjacent patios, extending your living space outdoors.

One critical factor in installing Infinity-Edge pools is the depth. Shallow pools will have a higher water level than larger ones. These pools create the illusion of water blending with the horizon, perfect for panoramic views or enclosed yards, giving a tranquil, island-like feel.

 Pool and Spa

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In summary, when considering enhancements for your pool, options like fountains, in-water seating, beach entrances, and Infinity-Edge Rim Overflows can add both beauty and functionality. Trustworthy custom pool builders like us can help you create the perfect pool for your backyard oasis.

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