Everything You Need To Know About Doormats

Have you ever felt a welcoming and warm experience right from the entrance of someone’s home? Have you been thinking about what to place something at the entrance of your home to wipe up moisture and mud from your slippers and shoes? Then, a doormat is the best idea to opt for. This small addition can have a huge impact on your home. Moreover, inviting and colourful doormats leave a lasting impression on your friends and guests. But before buying this item, you may need to consider its standard sizes, types, and features to know which type suits best your front door.

 Top Must-Have Features Of Your Door Mats

Let’s first talk about the basic features every doormat should have;

  1. UV-Resistant

The material of your doormat must be UV-treated so that it can protect itself against the sun.

  1. Holds Up In Water

Another basic feature your doormat should possess is to stand up in the water. If it cannot withstand rain and humidity, you may have to replace it soon.

  1. Resists Mold And Mildew

Only those mats can last longer that can resist mold and mildew. Otherwise, it will create a bad smell that can’t be tolerated by anyone.

  1. Synthetic Fiber Mats

Always go for mats made of synthetic fibers because they can last for years. These are strong enough to hold up dirt, moisture, and weather as compared to natural fibers.

 Standard Sizes

When we talk about sizes, every doormat size varies from home to home and depends upon the door size. For single doors, smaller size door mats are often used whereas for large doors, you may need to go for some extra-large doormat sizes.

  • Width

The size of doormats varies depending upon the dimensions of your front doors. A good size mat can cover at least 80% of the door frame. For a single door, the standard doormat size is 18 by 30 inches and for a door with sidelights, 24 by 36 inches would go perfectly. But these sizes are not fixed.

  • Weight

The heavier doormats can serve best against certain weather conditions. But if you’re living in an apartment, you may opt for lighter doormats. However, shorter pile mats can remove the dirt and dust more effectively than heavier ones.

  • Length

Along with width, it is also important to consider the length of your mat so that both of your feet can rub against the doormat at the same time.

Hence, doormats are considered one of the essential home elements. They don’t just helpful in preventing dirt but serve as a great decorative element. They are available in lots of sizes, colours, and shapes and each offers different benefits. The only thing you need to do is to choose the perfect doormat for your home entrance keeping in mind the accurate measurements of your doors. On the other hand, you won’t make them pleasing to your guests and friends.

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