Where Style Meets Soul: Discovering a Home that Speaks to Your Personality


Do you have dreams of living in the largest city in Oregon? Portland has more than 150,000 homes – giving you various choices when shopping for a home. There are several home styles to choose from across a wide budget range. Explore the following home styles:

Pick a Home Style – Start Living in Portland

dreams of living
dreams of living

Bungalows in Portland

Bungalows are iconic. They are among the most popular architectural styles in Portland for single-family homes. Most homes have been available since the 1920s, but several modern homes show the area’s history. Neighborhoods such as Sunnyside, Ladd’s Addition, and Richmond have the highest number of bungalows. If you find a classic bungalow, make updates to fit modern home needs.

Craftsman Homes

Have you ever wanted a home with handcrafted artistry? Portland has several such homes, which are larger versions of the bungalows. They have wood constructions, covered porches, bookshelves, built-in features, and several other noticeable artistic features. These homes are common on the east side.

American Ranch

The ranch is a classic home from the 1930s. These homes, which are evidence of the great works of California architects, were inspired by Spanish ranchos. Most homes in these styles are from the 1950s, and some may need an update to make them functional for modern living. The style offers large rooms with wide open spaces and many windows to bring in a lot of natural light.

Mid-Century Homes

These homes look like modern ranch-style homes but in slip levels. Their design allows efficient use of space, but they also have some unique characteristics that add to their charm. They may have up to four floors.

Portland Foursquare

The cubic-style houses are common in Brooklyn and Buckman. Contemporary foursquare homes offer a lot of space in their rooms. They feature hipped roofs, full-width front porches, and cubic looks. Most are two floors, but some may be 2.5 with a staircase from the living room. If you love glamorous interior design, these homes are ideal for you. They are well-organized to create a good space for your décor, appliances, and home features.


Do you want a house that looks like a dollhouse? Victorian homes focus on beauty, and Portland is full of such homes. The existing homes have bright colors, asymmetrical shapes, steep roofs, and textured wall surfaces. You can modernize your home with a few updates to the interior and exterior surfaces while still keeping the original style alive. With Scandinavian décor, your home will have a new face.

Things To Do in Portland

Once you are a resident of Portland, you will have a lot to enjoy, including visiting parks. Parks and gardens such as Washington Park, International Rose Test Garden, Hoyt Arboretum, and Portland Japanese Garden are great when you need to spend time outdoors. You can also visit libraries and museums such as Powell’s City of Books, Portland Art Museum, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and many more. The city is walkable, with several shopping centers near most neighborhoods to help you shop better.

Living in Portland is relatively expensive – you will pay more for housing than the national average. However, you can get a home that falls within your budget with the help of the Dirk Hmura Team. Contact the team today and start exploring Portland homes for sale for a home that meets your needs.