Carpet beetles are the culprits ruining your décor articles making holes into them. Are you interested in finding what causes them? Or how they find a way to your home. The carpet beetles are caused by larvae that find nourishment in your residence. Their food includes all sorts of animal products, such as skin, hair, and wool, which are fed to the larvae. These beetles are quite frustrating as they are spoiling your carpet flooring. Once they infest into your carpet they start chewing the fibers, they also spread rapidly and widely. These intruders are creepy, one-fourth inch long often present in black or a combination of a black, white and tan color.

They may settle on your couches or other furniture and then travel to your carpet, wreaking havoc.

The stained fabric usually stains caused by oil and food, poor cleaning, improper storage of animal-based products and lack of sunlight are the contributing factors that cause carpet beetles.


Here are some steps to prevent your carpet from further sabotage, and measures to get rid of these creepy beetles:

1- The initial step in removing eggs, larvae, and adult beetles is to vacuum. Regular cleaning prevents such incidence, A properly vacuumed and cleaned carpet never allows beetles to settle and reproduce.

2- Cleaning procrastination leads to the growth of pests and insects.

3- To prevent their entrance you can place bug nets on your windows and doors.

4- The next step, which involves heat, should be steam cleaning to eradicate carpet beetles.


Boric acid is effective for removing carpet beetles, it is easily available in pharmacies and utility stores. Sprinkle it on the carpet, spread evenly, and let it sit for several hours. Then vacuum it to get it off.

Boric acid works by affecting insects’ and beetles’ metabolism. If you want to kill larvae then prepare a mixture of boric acid with two cups of hot water. fill it in a spray bottle and mist it on the carpet leaving it for a few hours then clean your carpet with a damp towel.


Diatomaceous earth is used to maintain dryness, they are quite useful in killing larvae, it works by dehydrating larvae and killing them instantly. You can buy this desiccant from agricultural feed stores. Buy food-grade diatomaceous earth which is safe if you have pets at the store.

Wear a mask while sprinkling it on the carpet.


It is a kitchen ingredient that is efficient in eradicating beetles, both white and apple cider vinegar is effective against larvae and beetles. Simply pour vinegar in a spray bottle and mist on places where you found beetle infestation.

To conclude, carpet beetles are not dangerous or poisonous and they do not bite pets as well but they sabotage your expensive carpet. By regular vacuuming, cleaning, and maintaining you can easily prevent your carpet from beetles and its larvae.