How To Remove Hair To Unblock Shower Drain

A warm shower at the end of the day removes all the stress and depression from the mind. At that time, slow draining can be an irritating experience for anyone. If you deal with slow draining due to hair blockage, you can follow the below ways to unblock toilets woking. Hopefully, these ways will work like magic to remove hair from your shower drain. 

The Hair Snake Method

Hair snakes are undoubtedly a great way to remove hair from the drain. But it can’t drain all the hair, but one clump of hair it can take out. This process generally takes a minute to do, and insert it and twist and remove it. There are so many hair snakes available on the internet, and you can find one suitable for you. 

Baking Soda Method

Baking soda and white vinegar can be a great alternative to those harsh chemicals. Frequent use of those chemicals can eat away at your draining pipe slowly. 

But baking soda can contribute so many benefits to your drainpipe, and it not only dissolves hair in the pipe but also fights odour bacteria and fungi from the drain. 

Instructions You Can Follow To Remove Hair From Drain Pipe Using Baking Soda.

  • Put one cup of baking soda in the pipe, and then pour one cup of vinegar immediately. 
  • The solution will start to fizz, but it works like magic. After five minutes, when the fizzing stops, you can pour about two quarts of boiling water into the drain. 
  • Now let it sit for some time. After some time, turn on the faucet to check if the water is draining correctly. 
  • If the drain is clogged still, you can repeat the process two times more. 
  • Otherwise, you can mix a cup of baking soda and half a cup of salt. Pour it into the drainpipe and let the mixture sit overnight.

Use Plumbing Snake

If you have worked with the previous methods but have not pulled it out, you can use a plumbing snake instead to unblock Chobham’s drains. You can also avail several snaking devices depending on the severity of the drain clog. If the clog is not severe, you can use a wire hanger, straighten it, and pull hair from the drain. 

Remove The Whole Drain

It is one of the great ways to take hair out of your drain pipe. Follow the steps below to remove the whole drain. 

  • First, you need to remove the stopper. 
  • Set a plug wrench on the opening of the drain. Set it in such a way to fit into the drain crossbar.
  • Now provide grip into the twist and turn it counterclockwise so it can lose the drain quickly. 
  • This way, you can lose the drain. Now take the wrench away from the gutter and insert a needle-sized nose plier. 
  • Lock it around the ‘X’ crossbar around the drain. 
  • Now slowly turn it counterclockwise so you can easily remove the drain. 

Now wash it away and unblock drains Chobham. If it needs replacement, then you should arrange it first.


All these ways work great in removing hair from the drainage system. But in the meantime, if you discover that the blockage is not caused by hair, give a call to the professional to unblock toilets woking. They have experienced cleaners in hand who can solve these blockage problems quickly.