Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Tiles

Choosing tiles is an exciting task but then again you need to be extremely methodical in your approach. This is necessary to avoid the mistakes that homeowners generally commit. As tiles are mostly a costly affair, a mistake can be detrimental to your budget. Here in our blog, we will highlight the common mistakes to avoid and help you make the correct decisions. 

Order enough tiles 

You might have spent quite a lot of time in calculating the number of tiles you need, but the calculations might be wrong anyway. A few might get broken while they get shipped or some might get damaged during application. And by the time you go out for ordering another set, you might find that these shades do not exist anymore. This is a mistake you need to avoid. You can have a few more with you to avoid the shortage. 

Pick the right size

Despite having elaborate discussion with your vendor, you might end up ordering the tiles that are wrong in size. As a result, you will not find them useful enough in your space. In most of the cases, the sizes cannot be returned or refunded. So, you have nothing else to do with the wrong tiles. 

Order the sample first

This is the biggest mistake that owners make. They do not order samples first but straightaway order the materials. As a result, they end up with a wrong product due to lack of knowledge. Not only this, sometimes the tiles delivered are full of scratches, damaged, or brittle and they feel disappointed with their choice.

Choose quality over price 

Usually, people look out for the prices before product quality. Quality becomes their secondary concern and this is how they remain unsatisfied with the products. So instead of checking the price, quality should be the main concern and needs your attention. 

Planning the layout 

Layout is something that needs prior planning. You need to know how the tiles will be aligned in order to ensure smooth application. Not planning the layout ahead of placing the tiles order is a mistake that should be avoided at all costs. This will ensure there is no wastage. 

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