Things to consider before you buy Wicker Chairs

Do you like the natural look of your garden? Wicker chairs have a way of blending in with a background of trees and plants while still providing comfort and a luxury finish. Choose Monterey wicker patio chairs in a profound brown colour and pair them with outdoor cream pillows for an exquisite aesthetic. You can also add a matching cream outdoor rug to pile on the luxury. For the utmost in outdoor luxury, pick a thick, couch rug.

Wicker furniture has long been a popular choice for adorning your yard, patio, or deck. Wicker not only has a classic aesthetic that quickly conjures up thoughts of summer fun, but all-weather wicker, also known as synthetic polyethylene fibre resin wicker, is specifically built to be resistant to water and UV radiation from the sun. This level of longevity means you can enjoy your wicker furniture without fear throughout the season, and the nature of lightweight wicker furniture makes it simple to rearrange, transfer, and store.

Origin and Short History

Wicker is not a sort of wood or substance, but rather a weaving process used to create surprisingly lightweight and long-lasting furniture. Its origins may be traced back to ancient Egypt, when braided grasses were used to make chairs and small tables. Wicker furniture manufacturing might be considered one of the first universally acknowledged furniture manufacturing techniques.

Why Should You Buy Wicker Chairs?

Swivel chairs may be just what you’re looking for if you’re looking for something a little different. Simply choose a colour and style, then set the chair in your favourite garden spot. You’ll be able to easily swing around to see in different directions, and the chair’s high back and arms make it ideal for cuddling up with a drink or a nice book. If you buy a set, complete the look with a Monterey outdoor coffee table, which combines old-school glamour with conventional designs for a very complimentary effect.

Main Application

Wicker furniture is almost solely used as patio, deck, or sunroom furniture and is popular because to its appealing combination of lightweight and durability.

Wicker Chair Styles

There are as many varieties of wicker chairs as there are of chairs. Wicker may be utilised to make literally any type of seating, from simple side table chairs for outdoor dining to loungers with extra broad seats, rocking rockers, and more. The material is tough enough to survive frequent casual wear and is resistant to the elements.

Do you need to seat more people or just have extra space? An outdoor loveseat is a relatively new concept, but it is oh-so-chic and cosy! Riviera couches are designed to be modern and come in a variety of styles, including corner units, which maximise garden space and provide plenty of area to sprawl out. For an eye-catching effect, dark wicker seats are contrasted with neon colourful cushions. Increase the impression by adding outside lighting around the sofa, allowing you to enjoy it long after the sun has set. Consider choosing a blue-tinted bulb for a more muted aesthetic, or a bright red bulb for a party vibe!


If you’ve fallen in love with the wicker aesthetic, try investing in accessories like an outdoor swing. Not only will this provide you with an extra seat, but you will undoubtedly appreciate relaxing in a gently swaying swing after a long day.