Think twice before moving that piano – Why you should call the professionals?

You just found a beautiful used piano for an absolute steal. However, now comes the tricky part safely getting that 400-600 lb musical beast to your home in one piece. Your inner frugal self whispers it can’t be that hard to move with some heavy-duty furniture dollies and friend manpower. Think twice! Attempting a DIY piano move risks catastrophic damage. Save yourself endless headaches and call professional piano movers.

Specialized equipment needed

Unlike everyday furniture, pianos warrant certain specialized equipment to prevent internal and external damage during transportation.

  • Specialty dollies are engineered to bear a piano’s immense weight without tipping over. Normal light dollies will easily collapse to cause injuries and piano destruction.
  • Thick felt or rubber mats to lay the piano flat on during transit to prevent scratches and scuffing along the entire underside.
  • Soft nylon straps are used to securely tie down pianos in moving trucks without bruising the delicate wood exterior. Bungee cords and stiff ropes dent piano finishes.
  • Foam blocks or padding protect protruding piano parts like pedals and keyboards from bumps during loading/unloading and transport.

Only professional piano movers Sydneyown this specialty gear tailored for safely maneuvering bulky delicate pianos. Attempting DIY transportation even with good intentions, typically causes preventable damage.

Prevent internal component damage 

A piano may seem like a solid single piece of furniture, but inside it harbors intricate delicate mechanisms like harp strings under high tension just waiting to get jarred out of tune. So, it takes skilled hands using proper techniques to angle and pivot 400lb pianos without causing internal derailments. Professionals securely crate disassembled piano pieces when required while noting screw holes for meticulous reassembly. If you value your piano investment, avoid letting amateur hands tinker with its internal workings during stressful moves. To prevent potential breakages professional movers dodge blindfolded.

Insurance protection

Reputable professional movers provide insurance coverage. so if accidents occur despite precautions, your piano gets repaired or compensation provided. Ask about protection policies before booking. Moving pianos yourself or with non-specialized movers leaves you completely liable for all damages with expensive repair bills. Safeguard your pocket by booking insured pros instead of crossing fingers with questionable do-it-yourself last-minute movers.

Experience counts

Seasoned professional movers have repeated practice transporting specialized cargo like pianos safely through homes’ narrow hallways and tricky stairs. Their familiarity with maneuvering challenges prevents clumsy accidents amateurs encountering such hindrances for the first time from easily succumbing.

Why risk dropped pianos down stairwells or toppled instruments scratching up door frames and walls? Protect your budgets, piano integrity, property interiors, and most importantly public safety against crush injuries by hiring professionals. Trust reputable piano moving companies with specialty equipment, technical expertise, and insurance protection to securely transport your precious piano. Ignore opinions tempting you with ill-informed bravado call the professional movers without hesitation.