What Are Kilims? 

Kilim rugs are wildly popular amongst rug aficionados and people who’ve studied rug artistry for decades, but most people have a rather crucial question on their minds when it comes to this rug style: What are Kilims?

Once you see a few images of kilim rugs online, you’ll like have a better understanding in terms of why this rug style is so popular all around the world. Kilim rugs are known for their very eye-catching aesthetics, but most people don’t quite see why kilims are so special. 

Below is a detailed overview explaining what kilim rugs are, and why they’re so special! 

Kilim Rugs Have A Very Rich History 

What’s very interesting about the word “Kilim” is that it’s technically so much more than just area rugs that go on your floors. Kilims can also refer to wall decorations, upholstery, bags and table covers. Kilim refers to a very traditional and very old design technique that comes from Turkey. 

These days, Kilim rugs are made all over Asia, including Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and China. But what’s very special is that even though this rug style has migrated all over the place, the traditional techniques have largely remained the same for centuries! 

Kilim Rugs Offer An Unparalleled Cultural Significance 

A lot of people use Kilims as prayer rugs or even as a bride’s dowry gift. The truly is so much cultural significance associated with Kilim rugs, which is why they’re largely considered to be so much more than interior décor. Owning a Kilim rug is owning your own sliver of history, and these rugs are always considered to be one-of-a-kind pieces of art. 

Kilim designs are often packed with symbolism, and their motifs are world-renowned for telling intricate stories and providing blessings to households. 

Kilim Rugs Are Made In A Unique Way 

One thing that makes Kilim rugs very unique is how they’re made, which is the flat weaving technique. This essentially means that Kilim rugs don’t have much depth to them in the form of a pile, which is very different as compared to most other area rug styles that use knotting techniques. 

This subsequently makes Kilims relatively easy to maintain and very lightweight. And another big factor that rug shoppers love about Kilims is that they’re often more affordable as compared to traditional, hand-knotted rugs. But it’s important to keep in mind that Kilim rugs are just as high-quality as hand-knotted rugs when it comes to their handmade artisanship. 

Most Kilim rugs are made 100% of wool and other natural fibers like cotton. What’s great about natural rug fibers is that they’ll create incredible durability and an unmatched shine. Natural fibers also are wonderful when it comes to absorbing natural dye coloring, so Kilims truly are a one-of-a-kind area rug investment opportunity for everyone! 

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