3 Reasons Why Your Toilet Tank Has No Water

What’s the most common thing everyone does the moment they wake up? Of course, it’s going to the bathroom. Or whenever nature calls, knowing your toilet is in tip-top shape, you don’t feel worried at all.

That is until you discovered that when you flush the toilet, no water is rushing out! In situations like this, who would not panic? It’s a perfectly normal reaction but, in truth, there’s a solution to most problems! And a toilet tank that has no water is no exception!

Before trying to fix the issue or calling a 24 hour plumbing service, it is somehow crucial to find out the reasons first. So, here are the four common reasons why your toilet tank has no water. And what you can do to resolve it!

The Sewer Vent Line is Blocked

The sewer vent line is often situated running through the walls within your bathroom. It comes out of your home’s roof. The usual action is to remove the sewer gasses, which happens as the toilet flushes out.

What if there’s no evidence that airflow is going through the vent line? Then, it’s the leading cause why the water in the tank is low. Another possible reason why the vent line is blocked is leaves, debris, branches, a bird’s nest, or anything jamming the area.

How to fix the problem? Well, if you have the tools, capability, and you’re sure it’s safe to climb up to your roof, then do so. Remove anything that’s blocking the vent. However, if you are not comfortable going up, call a professional.

The Fill Tube is Damaged

What does the fill tube look like? It comes in two particular colours, clear and black. It is small and has a bendable plastic hose. Although small in size, it plays an essential part in the toilet.

It’s the one responsible for helping the toilet tank flush out the water to the toilet bowl. When it becomes damaged or unhinged, no water will come out of the tank.

How can you resolve the issue? As a first step, you can check if the connection is unhinged. This way, it’s possible to fix it by reconnecting both the tube and the cylinder back together.

But, what if the fill tube is indeed damaged? Finding a replacement is the ideal option. There’s no better way to do it. You have to make sure you’re purchasing the right fill tube, though, so you might want to uninstall it first to bring it as a sample.

The Toilet Bowl Has a Crack

The moment you see the crack, then you already know the problem. It’s easy to tell because you’ll notice the water puddles that are on your bathroom’s floor.

The best and only solution when you find yourself in a situation like this is to replace the toilet bowl. Since it is a task that requires professional assistance, set up a meeting and have them help you out. These professionals can handle everything from removing the cracked toilet bowl to installing a new one.