7 Tips to find a reliable granite kitchen countertop dealer near you

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Granite countertops make the best choice. These are popular and have always been in demand for a number of reasons such as durability, variety, affordability, etc… However, not all suppliers will deal with genuine granite kitchen countertops. To find a reliable supplier like Casa Granite quartz countertops, you must know a good supplier that deals with genuine products.

Our article will help you find someone near you so that you can continue your kitchen remodeling plans with peace of mind. If you still have a list of queries or concerns, you may contact the manufacturer and clear things out.

7 Tips to find a trusted granite countertop supplier near you:

  1. Check reviews: Online reviews can help you find someone reliable. Reviews cannot be faked or bought as these are mentioned on Google ratings. You must look for brands or manufacturers that have a website and have earned positive ratings/reviews.
  2. Ask questions: Another way of judging the experience or quality is by asking questions. Check their knowledge in granite and ask them questions such as their quality methods, inspection methods, and manufacturing process.
  3. Ask for samples: Ask the manufacturer to show you some samples of their finest granite collection. Samples will help you understand what type, design, and quality will suit your kitchen top. Some even give you a booklet to choose from and arrange for the real stock on choosing one.
  4. Ask their custom service: Do they offer you customized cuts or size in granite slabs? Kitchen may vary as per area and size. Thus, good manufacturers are open to cut the slab size as per client requirement.
  5. Transport facility: Do they offer you onsite delivery? Reputed and genuine sellers do! Get these things clarified to avoid confusion or frustration later. Some manufacturers that deal with large-scale granite business have their own in-house delivery or transport team.
  6. Visit personally: Regardless of how impressive they sound, it would be wise to pay a personal visit to the store and check the quality by you. Take your designer along if you are naïve of the subject.
  7. Ask for quote: Last, but not the least is seeking the quote. Find a few good sellers near you and compare their prices. Genuine brands like Casa Granite quartz countertops will give you affordable rates that you don’t have to think of negotiation.