A Look at the Benefits of Building a Custom Log Home

People have lived in log cabins for a very long time. Today, around 800-year-old log dwellings still stand! We experience a sense of tranquility, peace, and seclusion when we live in a log home, which allows us to escape temporarily. Are you thinking about building? Start from log homes – eLoghomes.

Based on what our clients have to say about them, these are some highlights that may interest you if you are considering building a log home or cabin. The exposed ridgepoles and angled trusses give the residence large entrances and towering ceilings. Many clients appreciate the dramatic impression these additions have on the house. Consider the following benefits:

The Person’s

Every log house is distinct. Each cottage has its own story, from straight and narrow full scribe huts to flaring butt and eccentric wood post-and-beam buildings. Because each wood is hand-picked and chosen precisely, you may choose the character you want in the home and where you want it to be. Timber homes allow you to express your personality unlike traditional houses, which all use the same materials.

It’s Pleasant

A log home has a distinct ambience that is always snug, warm, and inviting. The intrinsic property of wood logs known as “thermal mass” helps to the home’s ability to sustain an appropriate interior temperature all year. The energy emitted by the sun can be collected and stored by wood walls, which can then be radiated back into the house at night.


At an age when everything is computerized, building log homes and log cabins still needs a lot of manual labor. Hand-picked, peeled, and cut logs are used in our constructions. We carefully comb through each log, making tiny modifications to the knots in the wood and adding further embellishments. We may incorporate “add-ons” such as customized staircases, spectacular entrances, benches, and handcrafted objects because everything is produced by hand. Clients enjoy this meticulous attention to detail since it distinguishes and personalities each log in their home.

They are environmentally friendly.

Seriously. Nothing could be further from the truth, despite some misleading claims that log homes are harmful to our forests. When trees fall, the forest’s health improves and the risk of wildfires decreases. Companies that utilize live trees help to reforest the environment, and unlike milling planned 2-by-4s, the process used to build log homes saves construction waste and carbon emissions. The garbage generated by log producers is usually repurposed into mulch or even biofuel to heat their mills.

Log homes are organic.

Paying more for organic products at a farmer’s market or health food store used to be the exception rather than the rule. No other style of housing is as “natural” as a log home, and as more people become conscious of what they put into their bodies, that awareness has now spread to where they live.

Go fast or go home.

Log home manufacturers have a number of plans on hand. Utilizing one of these tried-and-true “stock” blueprints will drastically shorten your construction time. Yet, the majority of log home manufacturers expect their clients to change their stock plans in some way, and they are prepared to meet these demands. You can even employ a private architect to build a completely unique design. Just make sure they understand the particular requirements of log building. Your tastes, schedule, and financial limits will all have an impact on your decision.

With log cabins, we may get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Technology-related distractions are a continual low hum in our lives today. You can, however, take a break. Even if your log home is completely wired for the modern day, you may not use it as regularly as you expected. Time appears to move more slowly in a wood cabin.

Wrapping Up

You can also make alterations to your log homes with eLoghomes! Creating custom changes is simple because the floor plan already shows the arrangement of the rest of the house. Bespoke beams, a rock wall, modifying the layout of rooms, or even adding more rooms may all be done quickly and economically. The benefits of a prefabricated log cabin kit can be combined with a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Everyone who wants to build a log home needs a log home kit to ensure that their home is of the highest quality, easy to build, customizable, and competitively priced.