All About Flood Restoration and Various Steps Involved in It

Water damage is the worst forms of damage that not only ruins your property but also makes it uninhabitable. The water that has entered the premises might affect your expensive furniture, cause electrical shortages or might even rot and decay the building’s foundation. That is why damages like these need expert care.

Water damage can be both natural and manmade, and a few of its examples are:

  • Natural disasters like storms or heavy rainfall
  • Pipe bursts
  • Damaged sewer lines

However, there are also reasons behind major water leakages. Whatever the reasons are, you cannot restore the property on your own and will need help of the professionals. They have a particular way of approaching the affected area and can make things better with their knowledge and expertise.

Here’s how a professional team works:

Assessing the damage

On contacting a flood restoration company, they will be sending a representative to enquire about your situation and will ask you questions related to the damage. These questions will be more generic in nature that will help them get an idea of the damage. The team will be arriving at your place then and a detailed assessment will be conducted. Every area of the property will be checked and the reason behind the issue will be addressed. The damaged category will also be found out.

Water removal and extraction

At times people do not know what the water damage restoration companies do. They remove the water in the first place and then dry it. Large pumps and vacuums are used to remove the water and the floors are cleaned and dried as well. The size of the pump varies based on the situation’s severity and everything is done fast enough to not damage things anymore.

Water damage cleaning and sanitization

After the water is removed, the area is sanitized. Rooms and furniture are washed and dried. Every other object in your house is cleaned equally to get rid of any existing odors.

Dehumidifying and drying

Once the water is dried from everywhere, the hidden corners are now taken care of. Intrusive methods are used to dry even the tiniest corners and dehumidifiers and air scrubbers are further used for in-depth cleaning.

After the process, the property is thoroughly checked again before handing it over to you. In this regard, the team of Renovco flood restoration carefully cleans every nook and corner of your property, bringing it back to its normal state.