Get To Know The Types Of Roof Tiles And When You Want To Buy Them


It is another essential thing to know for people who want to repair and maintain their homes or are interested in buying a home. For choosing roof tiles, the key ingredients to help protect your home and make it resistant to all weather conditions, whether it’s rainstorms, strong winds, or hot sunlight, or enhancing the house’s beauty to be more perfect. Call us for inspection today and we will be ready to guide you. 

Those who are starting to buy roof tiles must be wondering what kind of roof tiles they should choose. How much do roof tiles cost? Which one will be most suitable for our home? We study the styles of each type of roof tile and their properties to guide you in choosing the most suitable roof for your home and of the highest quality.

There are 4 types of roof tiles, each of which has different properties and uses as follows:

  1. Concrete Roof Tiles

It is a roof tile that most people choose to use a lot. It can be found in villages or shophouses. This type of roof tile is made from concrete. In the form of curls, it weighs quite a lot, simple, beautiful, and strong. It can help heat and rainwater as well.

  1. Ceramic Roof Tile

It is a low-priced roof tile that has a smooth glossy finish. Made of ceramic, it helps to make the house look beautiful; when sunlight hits the surface, you can see clearly. It also has high strength. It helps to prevent heat as well.

  1. Terracotta Roof Tiles

clay roof tiles are not very popular because it is an old tile. It is a relatively inexpensive roof tile. Made from clay mixed with water used in the past or used to renovate houses or build Thai-style buildings such as the roof of temples, churches, Thai-style houses, etc.

  1. Double Corrugated Roof Tiles

They are not expensive, that is why people choose to use them a lot. Another type of double corrugated roof tile has high strength properties, is lightweight, can be installed easily. There are a variety of colors to choose from. Therefore, it is always used in home building and repairs. Bear in mind that you can call us for repairs, replacement and cleaning service and we will be there to help you.