Is It Necessary to Hire Crime Scene Cleaning Services After a Death?

Death is rarely ever expected, and when a death occurs, it leaves the friends and families of the deceased in a sad state. One major consideration that many people do not think about until they are at the crossroads is whether or not it is necessary to hire crime scene cleaning services in the aftermath of a death.

What Happens After A Death?

Following the death of an individual, it doesn’t take long before decomposition sets in. In cases where the corpse is discovered few minutes after the death – with no blood spill, bodily fluids or biological matter left behind – hiring a crime scene cleaning company might not be a wise idea after all. This is because the body is still fresh and hasn’t started decomposing.

In cases of a suicide, homicide or any other death which involve blood spills and bodily fluids, hiring the service of a crime scene cleaners is recommended. Without professional help, cleaning up the blood on your own can be tedious.

When dealing with an unattended death – in which no one discovered the deceased until several days or weeks after the death, the importance of crime scene cleaning services cannot be overemphasized. This is usually a common occurrence with elderly individuals who live on their own (permanently or temporarily)

In other case, unattended deaths happens when an individual lives alone, without friends or family, and is involved in a homicide or suicide.

These are instances when the body can start decomposing. And once this happens, cleaning the area is a task beyond an untrained and amateur cleaner.

How Crime Scene Cleaning Services Can Help

Whether you are dealing an unattended death that has decomposed and releasing foul odor in the air already, or a recent death with the spillage of blood, bodily fluids and other biological matters, it is vital that you contact experts who specialize in this type of cleaning job.

Unlike a traditional cleaning company, the perks of hiring a professional crime scene cleaning service include

Psychological training and exercise: Cleaning up a crime scene is not an easy task, especially if it’s the body of someone you knew. Crime scene cleaners are equipped with years of skills and experience garnered in the line of work. They clean these scenes without carrying any psychological or mental trauma that other cleaners or yourself may experience.

The right equipment and practices: Crime scene cleaners have handled quite a handful of biohazard cleaning jobs. And as such, they are equipped with the right cleaning tools, and equipment to keep your property clean and free of infection. They also know the right cleaning practices to follow to keep your property safe, clean and ready for habitation. The chances of coming in contact with infectious diseases are high when the cleaning job is left in the hands of an unskilled cleaner.

Legal Issues: After a death has occurred, the crime scene becomes an area of police interest. Unless you want to risk doing something that might warrant you or your family being caught up in the web, it is crucial that you leave it to professional cleaners. With a crime scene cleaner handling the job, they will take care of communication with the police.