Look For These If You Think You Might Have Bed Bugs In Your House 

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Bed bug infestations are prevalent and can happen to anyone. The reason is that bed bugs usually cling to your luggage and clothes when traveling or in a public place.

These pests feed on human blood, causing red bruises and marks. If you have sensitive skin, you might get allergies from bed bug bites. 

The main issue with these insects is that they are pretty tiny and can hide under little places in your house, such as couches or beds. 

If you wake up in the morning with bruises or red spots on your body, you might have a bed bug infestation in your home. So, get help from pest services in San Antonio as soon as possible to get rid of these blood-sucking creatures.

Signs you might have bed bugs in your house.

  • Bed bug bites

A primary sign of bed bugs is small red spots on your skin. These bed bug bites usually occur at night when you are asleep. You might feel particular itchiness on these bites, and your skin can be irritated. 

However, everyone has a different skin type, so the symptoms and effects of these bites are different for everyone. While some people might not feel anything, others can have a strong reaction. 

These bites are harmful and can cause severe skin allergies and infection in the long run.

  • Feces or blood stains 

Although bed bugs bite does not hurt most people, they leave behind blood stains. So look for blood stains on your bed sheets, pillows, and couch covers. Moreover, bed bugs also go dropping or fecal matter, a clear indication of bed bug infestation.

  • Skin covers and eggs

Bed bugs have exoskeletons that they shed from time to time. When they clear it, they leave it behind and grow a new exoskeleton. So you can look for the outer skins of bed bugs; they look almost like dead bed bugs but are shallow. 

In addition, bed bugs lay their eggs on your bed sheets and couches, which are easy to spot. 

  • Rusty furnishings 

When bed bugs bite you, a specific amount of blood comes out; this blood can land on your bed frame; if you have a metal bed structure, you might see rust or corroded bed frames.

The next step! 

After noticing the signs, ensure to speak to a professional pest control service. A pest control professional can examine your house and provide a personalized solution.