Mark Roemer Oakland Shares How Organizing the Piece of Furniture Can Produce a Good Home


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, most people don’t realize how much the arrangement of the furniture in their home can affect its decor and functionality. Sure, you can purchase the most luxurious pieces of furniture or unique combinations that reflect your personality. However, if you don’t arrange them properly, you cannot utilize your home space to its fullest potential.


The Details

Here is how organizing furniture can produce a good home:

  1. It can create great areas for conversation – The pieces of furniture in the living or drawing room such as sofa sets and couches should be arranged in a manner that allows people to sit back, relax, and communicate comfortably with their friends, guests, or family members. 

In a large room, it is important to create multiple conversation areas so that people don’t have to talk to each other. Intelligent furniture arrangement in living rooms can also make space for more intimacy and family bonding.

  1. It should not obstruct traffic flow – Without smart furniture placement, it can become extremely difficult to move around in your house no matter how large it is in its physical dimension. Thus, when arranging any piece of furniture, you have to consider the traffic flow and ensure it doesn’t obstruct people from getting from one room to another or simply moving around in the space.

Typically, it is recommended that you don’t push the furniture against the walls to allow them some breathing room. This also has the added benefits of making smaller rooms appear bigger.

  1. It should not block light – One of the most important elements of a functional decor is proper lighting. These include table lamps, floor lamps, overhead lighting, and more. In order to maximize the effect of lighting, they should be arranged at different levels to fill different corners of the house and balance the overall indoor lighting.

For instance, table lamps look marvelous on mantels, shelves, and side tables. And floor lamps fit perfectly behind an accent chair or a sofa.

  1. It should not block any artworks – The artworks in your house infuse it with an air of charm and inspiration. These include wall arts, sculptures, or even stylish DIY artworks. Thus, you have to place them strategically so that they can command attention and one of the things that can prevent it from happening is when your home is disorganized. An easy furniture organization hack that you can follow is to keep side or end tables at a lower or approximately at the same height of the nearby chairs. 


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you intelligently arrange the furniture in your house to bring attention to a focal point. You can set up any element in your house to be the focal point such as a fireplace, a luxurious artwork, or even a set of trophies. These can instantly attract attention and become a topic of conversation whenever you invite guests into your home.