Planning a Bathroom Renovation Markham needs attention to detail. There are many things you need to think and consider before you take this big step. Even one small decision can snowball into a huge problem. Bathroom renovations are a daunting project to undertake. The changes in the bathroom are to serve you for years to come. It is not every day that you renovate your bathroom. In case, you are planning to sell your property soon, then the bathroom plays a key role in it being a sellable property. So when you are planning the scope of the project make sure you start with the essential changes that are needed. After that list the areas that you are okay with remaining unchanged.

New Fixtures

One of the best ways to make the bathroom better is by improving the faucets and the sink. It can completely change the feel of the bathroom. However, while picking out the new fixtures you must be mindful. The bathroom trends keep changing and you might be more inclined towards opting for more quirky fixtures. But when you are deciding on the fixtures, keep the functionality and practicality of the bathroom in mind. If you are planning to sell the house then make sure you do opt for fixtures that are more classic than modern.

Make it spacious

Who doesn’t love a spacious bathroom? A spacious bathroom not only makes you feel good, but it also is aesthetically pleasing. It makes the bathroom look more elegant. Especially when multiple people are sharing a bathroom, having more space makes it less cramped. If there is unused space, you can always use it by extending the bathroom.

Installing the baths

Baths are one of the essentials of every bathroom. If you want, you can go for multiple showerheads. A lot of times, people don’t prefer getting a bathtub because of its maintenance and upkeep. However, adding a bathtub can make your bathroom an even more comfortable place. When you have a bathtub, you know you have that space where you can soak and relax, after having a long day. So you should definitely consider installing a bathtub.

Adding Storage Space

Having space to store your toiletries and towels in the bathroom is essential. It makes the bathroom more convenient and changes the entire experience of it. If you have a small bathroom space, there are innovative ways in which you can add storage space to the bathroom. Your contractor would be able to provide you with ideas about the same. The more the storage space, the better it is. It makes the

bathroom a de-cluttered place, especially when it is being shared.

Adding Vanities

No bathroom is ever complete without the mirrors and the vanities. They are always to be the centre of attraction of any bathroom. This addition is what adds aesthetic value to the bathroom. It is the perfect way to make a statement with your bathroom renovation.