Have you ever considered why leather furniture is typically more expensive than other types? This is because the price of the leather varies according to its grain quality, texture, and treatment procedure. Although two pieces of leather furniture may appear identical, their pricing may range significantly owing to this factor.

Many of us like buying leather furniture, such as couches and chairs, not only because they suit the general concept of our home or add visual appeal to their décor, but rather because they are durable and comfy. Buying high-quality materials is like investing since they may endure for years, if not decades if properly cared for. As we all know, genuine leather is created by tanning animal rawhide. This natural material goes through special manufacturing and dyeing procedures before being utilized in homes for furniture and other goods.

We are all aware that high-quality leather does not release hazardous gases, rip seam lines, or fade. It is also fire, fracture, and peel resistant. It may keep its form even after years of usage and is extremely simple to care for. Furthermore, each piece of leather is distinct, much like a fingerprint. Each wrinkle, grain, and fear of genuine leather is unique, lending it uniqueness and character.

Although there are many leather kinds available on the market, selecting the correct one for your house might be difficult. As a result, in this blog, we purchased a leather purchasing guideline that will make searching for new furniture much better, but mainly we talk about the types of leather used for making furniture leather upholstery.

  • Top-Grain Leather
  • Corrected Grain Leather
  • Faux Leather

The mentioned above are the most common types of leather used for making furniture upholstery.

Let’s go through each of these sorts of leather for furniture upholstery in depth.


Faux leather often referred to as imitation or artificial leather, is a man-made substitute for genuine leather. It is made without the use of any animal hides, yet it has a highly lifelike appearance. Faux leather that is of high quality will not crack or peel. It is also incredibly sturdy, simple to clean, and non-porous, with a lifespan of many years. It may not, however, be as pleasant or breathable as the original cloth.

This sort of leather is commonly used for vehicle seats and low-cost furnishings.


Leather is typically manufactured from cowhides. However, because they are relatively thick, they must be carefully cut into finer layers for processing. The top grain is the softest yet most durable surface cut or layer of the hide. Nevertheless, all other layers are considered split grains.

Before it can be utilized as upholstery material, top-grain leather must be buffed and polished. Despite this, it remains one of the best purest sorts of leather available. It is soft, long-lasting, and suitable for both classic and contemporary settings.


Corrected grain leather is a type of top-grain leather that has been sanded, buffed, polished, and embossed. It has an organic groove, yet all defects, scars, and other surface faults are completely hidden.